Orbit EXAM: Physical, Medical, Occupational Health Exams and Vaccination Management Solutions

Orbit Exam provides an online electronic solution for the DOT Physical and Medical Exam (Form MCSA-5875), and the Medical Certificate (Form MCSA-5876), Vaccination Management and Drug Testing Data Management if your practice needs an integrated solution within a single application. It's a platform for Certified Medical Examiners, Urgent Care Clinics, Occupational Health Practices, and Third Party Providers (EMRs & TPAs).

The Orbit Exam platform is a comprehensive data management and tracking solution that simplifies the data entry for the exam (Medical Examination Report (MER) Form, MCSA-5875), eliminates paper forms, improves accuracy, and keeps your practice HIPAA, DOT and FMCSA compliant. Provide drivers their DOT Medical Certificate (Form MCSA-5876) and submit it directly to the DOT.

Orbit Exam is built directly into DrugTestNetwork.com for a totally integrated solution for drug test collections, drug test reporting and random selection so you can easily extend the data management solutions you offer your customers.  If your practice can benefit from drug testing data management those features can be easily enabled and completely integrated with your customer base. DrugTestNetwork has provided data management solutions to the industry for over 23 years.

The application is an FMCSA Compliant Third Party Management solution for automatic reporting to FMCSA.

Provide your customers/employers real-time access to documents and information through the client portal.
  • Employers can log in to manage driver lists and information, run reports, schedule exams, and reprint certificates.
  • Certified Medical Examiners (CMPs) can send reminders to employers and drivers with renewal details.
  • When the DrugTest Management feature is turned on, employers can review test results, run the DOT MIS Report, review random selection results and their annual compliance targets.  The full power of DrugTestNetwork.com is at your disposal (25 years of software solutions to the drug testing industry).

The exam data entry assists with data validation to help make sure the the exam form is error free and insures there is no missing information and exam forms and medical certificates are accurate. The form editor maintains complete audit trails.

To further help avoid errors, the data entry component provides alerts on critical conditions based on FMCSA guidelines and medical best practices.

  • Automatic reporting to the FMCSA eliminates error and manually typed mistakes.
Access your account and manage your work from anywhere. It's the definition of convenience: any time, any computer, any platform, any browser with a connection to the Internet - including smart phones and tablets. 
Secure access is protected with unique user IDs and passwords and data transmissions are completely secure using 256 bit https encryption technology. Examinee and employee IDs are encrypted before they're written to the database.
For Drug Test Data Management solutions, use OrbitExam's Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) utilities to receive lab orders and post test results to any EMR/EHR.
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